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The law firm of Prof. Mario Ferrante, Advocate of the Roman Rota, is located in Palermo in the neighbourhood of one of the main squares in the city, Piazza Castelnuovo and since 2010, has also been operating out of its offices in Canicattì (AG). The lawyer, Mario Ferrante is an Advocate of the Roman Rota operating in the sector of Canon Law for marriage annulments. 
The role of an Advocate of the Roman Rota involves making preliminary checks to verify that the conditions for bringing a marriage annulment petition before the Church under Canon Law exist.
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avv. mario ferrante


To discover the truth, the Advocate of the Roman Rota who represents the client works with the Investigating Magistrate and the Defence of the Wedlock and finally the Panel of Judges who deliver the annulment ruling.

Online Legal Consulting

The Studio Legale Ferrante, with the collaboration of professionals, also works outside the sector of Canon Law for marriage annulments in the Civil Law sector and especially in marriage and family law as well as offering online legal consulting services.
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